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The BIGGGG Picture

The "rabble" | Fiends oopps Friends....... | "Summer Time and We're having FUN!!!!!!!"

Welcome Modern

.......... to the mad cap world of "The Ramsay's". Hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

The "happy" family

Big Al. and me.......Sharron, the supposedly sensible ones of the family ha!


This site is to share some of our good times and how manic it can become when all friends and family come together.  Our family consists of Al. (dad), Sharron (mam) and the four kids aswell as the BIG soft dog Fred, SuzyQ the cat and the five fish wanda, perrywinkle, nemo, scooby and shaggy. yep the kids named them.

Fred, my lovely lovely luvable poochxxxxxxx
"who me? someone speak?........

SuzyQ my adorable cat

Fancy Dress?????
ooooorrrrrrrrr jimlad, shiver me timbers......

If you want to know whats going "down" in Newcastle click here....

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