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The "rabble"


The "rabble" | Fiends oopps Friends....... | "Summer Time and We're having FUN!!!!!!!"

....On a good day

"you will have fun when I say so"'s the rest of the family having a bit of fun

This is our first holiday abroad and although the weather was not great we did have a "canny" time.  These pics should give you an idea on the kind of things we enjoy doing,  well some of us anyway..........

so whats next???

"it's not cold, honest..."

I'm coming hang on a mo.......

it's party time........
can I go first please......

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It can be difficult to please everyone so its always a case of compromise for someone as long as we all take it in turns we're happy.  We found Benidorm a bit too much like a concrete jungle but if you like to laze on the beach all day and boogie all night then i suppose this is the place for you.  Us well not really our scene.  We LOVE the beach mind you and spend a many a pleasant summer at home at the beach, real family fun.  We think so anyway.

..........So after all this I'm still waiting for my Knight in shining armour to come and rescue me.....Whats this i see can it be, well come and see.......

are you here to rescue me?????????? ohhhhh..............

....well it was nice to dream. This was a medievil night and it was FANTASTIC.  We all had no voices by the end and it suited the kids cos they didn't have to use a knife and fork to eat their food, what could be better for a child.


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